Burnco Rock Products; Gravel Pit Design
Lethbridge, Alberta

Burnco Rock Products; Gravel Pit Design, Lethbridge, Alberta

Project Type: Gravel pit permitting and design; road design and construction supervision
Completion Date: June 2008
Client: Burnco Rock Products
Project Value: $5,000,000

Description of Services

  • Preparation of gravel mining code of practice application including:
    • Survey of entire section to obtain topographic information
    • Prepared site maps for showing gravel mining setbacks and phasing
    • Estimate gravel and overburden quantities
    • Prepared application to Alberta Environment according to the code of practice
    • Designed silt ponds for the mining process
  • Prepared hydrological Analysis Study including:
    • Surface Runoff Analysis
    • Retention pond design
    • Analysis of river erosion from the Oldman River
    • Determination of adequate setback from the river for mining
    • Determination of the 100 year flood plain elevation
  • Prepared application and received approval for water license for the gravel mine
  • Responsible for majority of drafting duties from planning to construction phase
  • Designed the access road to the mine beginning at the river bottom and ending 1 km away at the County road at the top of the coulee
  • Balancing of site earthworks
  • Map preparation for public hearings
  • Layout for grading and utilities
  • Coordination with all partners involved in construction phase
    • Coordinated contractors
    • Provide construction layout staking
    • Provided as-built drawings
    • Contractor – provided info regarding subdivision design

Project Highlights:

  • Obtained approval to proceed with the project through the County of Lethbridge and Alberta Environment
  • Provided project management services through design and construction phases